Amazing Efteling Theme park – Netherlands


The fame and attraction of Efteling Theme park can be simply demonstrated by a simple fact that the numbers of visitors to this amazing park have been exceeded than 100 million since the time of its opening. Efteling Theme park is not just one of the oldest theme parks of the globe, but also holds the title of largest theme park in the Netherlands. The location of this beautiful amusement park is Kaatsheuvel town which is the part of Loon op Zand municipality.

With day-by-day increase in popularity of Efteling Theme park more and more attractions have been continuously adding in it to hold the enjoyment level of visitors up to peak. The uniqueness of Efteling Theme park is that, it is not only a home of children amusement activities, but carries lots of cultural and nostalgic themes also for adults.

Efteling Theme park was established and opened publically in 1952. At that time, it was not more than a nature park with playgrounds and Fairy Tale Forest. Today’s view of Efteling Theme park is entirely different from the past and can be truly claimed as full-sized theme park which is twice times larger than Disneyland park in California. No doubt, all the amusement activities in the park are wonderful, but Fairy Tale Forest is matchless beauty.


The Fairy Tale forest is the wooden section of park which covers 15 acres land of the park. From 1952, the continuously increasing list of attractions in Efteling Theme park is as follows; Fairy Tale Forest, Children’s Railway, Anton Pieck Square, Steam Carousel, Efteling Steam Train Company, Diorama Haunted Castle, Python, Gondoletta, Half Moon, Piraña, Carnival Festival, Polka Marina, Tin, Bob Track, Fata Morgana, Pagode, Monsieur Cannibale, The People of Laaf, Dreamflight, The House of the Five Senses, Villa Volta, Bird Rok, PandaVision, The Flying Dutchman, George and the Dragon, Ravelin, Aquanura and The Emperor’s New Clothes.

The planned attractions in future are Dive Coaster and Court of Hearts. Present can be divided into five sections such as the theme park, the four-star Efteling Hotel, the 18-hole golf course, Efteling Theatre and a holiday park with bungalows. The theatre in Efteling Theme park is not an ordinary place, but fall within in the category of 5 largest theatres of Netherland. This park has won five achievement awards in various categories since the time of its origin. All these features of Efteling Theme park make it the best one among all other tourists attractions of Netherlands.


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