Amazing Entry of a Shark into Dolphin show at Coney Island, New York


Some events are so wonderful and sudden that the time of amazement and enjoyment comes when event has been ended. These types of events come only few times in your life when you make a plan to enjoy but there is nothing to see in the next moment.

You can find hundreds of videos on internet in which you can view some sudden incidents which stun the audience. These events occur on numerous places like roads, railway tracks, air shows, stage shows and in normal life. The event which we want to describe has the uniqueness that a strange show of display has been performed in front of the audience.

The miracle starts where people are gathered to see some wonderful activities in Coney Island of New York. There is a wooden floor in front of their eyes. They are silent to see what is going on next in the hall. Suddenly a big flash of water appears on the wooden floor and a huge shark appears in front of all the people with a jump.

People of New York were amazed because water flashes and shark jumps back inside the floor and again there is a flash of water. The amazing thing in Dolphin Show is that how shark comes out from the floor when we can see that it is a wooden floor.

If there is water over the wooden floor then how the shark is not shown in the water. The second thing is that if the water is there then we can say that water level is not too high and it is not possible for a shark to stay here. The only thing which I got from this video is that it was just an eye flash which came in front of eyes and disappeared in the next phase.


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