Awesomeness of New York Central Park


New York central park is one of the world’s wonderful and well maintained park. It is also one of the oldest park still opened for public since 1857. Total park area is more than 750 acres of land with more than 70% area covered with lush green trees.

NY Central park is somewhat similar to London’s Hyde Park and Tokyo’s Ueno Park. According to a recent survey round about 35 million visitors annually visit on that park.

Central Park of New York is also covered with beautiful 7 lakes. The biggest lake is Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir and it is 40 feet deep with a jogging track on boundary. In those lakes you can take romantic paddle for only $12 per hour and enjoy beautiful views of park. Many of the glaciers are existing in that park and most popular is Wisconsin glacier that is considered 12,000 years ago.

New York Road Runners organized races on that park and many Championships are held in the fields of baseball, tennis, lawn bowling and many other sports related activities. Apart from sports, there is also some space for children who want to enjoy zoo with sea lions, penguins and monkeys.

Central park of New York is managed by New York City Department of Recreation and Parks and Central Park Conservancy. They are working under municipal government and partnership with private sector. And NGO is contributing lot of shares of maintaining that park and paying to more than 80% of staff.


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