Burj AL Arab – The Only 7th Star Hotel in the World


Burj AL Arab is one of the 5 stars luxury hotels in the Dubai. It is only one 7 star hotel in the world. It is the 3rd largest hotel of the world. It is located on the artificial island on the Jumeirah beach. With the help of the private bridge it is connected to mainland. The shape of the hotel is like the sail of the ship. It was designed by Tom Wright, the architect of the WKK. The engineers of the Canada maintain the construction and the design of the hotel. The design of the hotel resembles to the Arabian vessel. The spreading of the two wings is in v shape and it forms a mast. The inner space of them is covered by the mass atrium.

It contains about 202 bedrooms and twenty eight floors of double story. 1820 sq ft is the area of smaller suit while that of the largest is 8400 sq ft. Attach bathrooms are decorated with the patterns of mosaic tiles. In the market of china it is popular hotel. It covers the 25% of all the bookings. The impressive construction and the well designed structure of the hotel prove it the one and only 7 star hotel. In the manufacturing of the hotel investment beyond the limit occurs. It is one of the best, luxurious and fantastic hotels of the world. The interior of the hotel is really very awesome.

The service and the staff are also really good. The room is constructed in such a way that they have 2 floors and the bedroom is located at the upstairs. Both the rooms have windows that are wall to wall. And you can see the great ocean from them. The food is delicious. They serve the appetizer, deserts and the main dish in an excellent way. They all have good taste.

In the sky view afternoon tea and the cocktails are really nice. Cocktails are served with the nuts and the finger foods. They also give the snacks in the evening like fries and burgers. Thus the hotel is worth visiting and there is no security issue as well. But you have to make your reservations in the advance. So that you just have to give your reservation number and the name at gate of hotel. If you can afford then you must visit this amazing hotel. You can find the details and any information that you want to have online from the web site of the hotel.


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