It is a great pocket size digicam and the best option for those who want power in small size. It has great balance of long zoom along with the ease of use. The best spec is a focal range when it comes to the mega zoom. It has 65x optical stabilize image lens, the great SX60 can hit 21-1,365 mm that is more than that of the 50×24-1,200 mm of the previous SX50 that is still available.

Regardless, without an interchangeable lens, getting so close to subject from far away, it I pretty cool. The person who is looking for all-in-one camera that can handle lots of situation i.e. from the classic faraway bird that is sitting on the three to wide landscape, mega-zooms offer the best values. It retains the identical form factor to the SX50 as well as the older SX40 and SX30.

It contains classic mega-zoom design: it seems to be like DSLR but it does not contain the large sensor, the heft and the ability to swap the lenses. But when it comes to zooming capability anyone will feel shortchanged with a 65x telephoto built in. You will have more quality than that of the DSLR but there is no need to carry a bag full of lenses.

In the off position the camera is of 5*3.65*4.5 and weight is about 23 ounces along with the card and battery. During full telephoto the lens extends at 4 inches. The grip has non-slippery finish and faux leather. On the top of the camera there is two large stereo mics, hot shoe for accessories that are optional like quality microphone and a pop-up flash. It also contains input mic.

It contains shortcut buttons that are used for assigning any of 17 options. For the purpose of navigation there is also large jog wheel. On the back it contains vari-angle LCD of 3 inch. The electronic viewfinder is much better than others. To fine-tune the EVF it also has diopter control but it does not have any eye sensor. It contains NFC, Wi-Fi and near field communication thus it is used for pairing with the selected android advices.

Thus you will be able to upload and transfer images through an Android and iOS devices. Canon provides one year warranty for labor and parts. It has accessories like high-capacity, high-speed UHS-I SDXC card, HDMI and USB cables and stereo mic. It comes up with lens cap, battery, strap and plug-in-charge. You can download different software from the website of Canon.


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