EEEK: An Intelligent Robot Snake


This is contortionist, slithering robot that is name as the series II – X125 system. The arm of robot snake can carry over than 13 pounds and its length is more than 7 feet. It can bend slightly more than 25 degree as it contains flexible tip. It also contains a flashlight and a camera. The previous version of the system that is called as the jet snake was used in the port of Miami on the tunnel boring machine.

It offers the lots of flexibility by fitting through the spaces that are awkward for more rigid and the larger bodies. The previous versions have found work as mini drone Voltron, surgery tools, and hand lie alternatives and even as the part of rescue tools. It is very big and also called as Titanoboa due to the same size of prehistoric snake. When it was completed it was of 15 meters or 50 feet long.

Approximately it has one ton weight. The range of the diameter is from 0.3 to 1 meter or from 1 to 3 feet. To power the hydraulics a battery system of scalable lithium ion was used that can output up to the level of 18 horsepower. The idea of its production came by the artist Charlie Brinson when he heard about the discovery of the fossilized remains of the actual snake that is known as the Titanoboa.

This snake was enormous and prehistoric that lived more than 60 million years ago on the face of the earth. He made a team and started to build the replica of that snake. The development of the machine is taking pace continuously. This project is actually an electromechanical serpent machine that is designed to provoke the discussions of changing climate as well as energy that is used in the historical context.

The snake has many items on as the progress in the work goes on. The specifications of the design include 5 different modes of motion, automated jaws and eyes, dynamic internal lighting as well as multiple Arduino Mega micro controllers that can be controlled by remote or rider. Each part of it requires rider control of the skilled people. One other goal of this is to enable the snake to glide under the water. It ignites the technical learning as well as on the relevant technologies. It has the great support from the diverse team of professionals and students spanning the disciplines. It was successfully launched in the summer and in its production team had spend more than 10,000 dollars.


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