Playstation now, the streaming service of Sony for gaming is coming to Samsung smart TV in the first half of the upcoming year 2015. It will be available as an app in the interface of the smart TV and it is an initiative towards the console free gaming the only thing is that you have to hand over your dual shock 4 controller but still no word is there for dual shock 3 but you still will have all the access to PS now services.

Playstation now debuted in CES 2014 and till now numerous Sony platforms have been introduced like playstation TV and much more. Now the play station now is going to make a debut in some time around next year and soon. Since the introduction of play station now Sony has been looking forward to make more such initiatives in making the gaming more interesting and offering it masses so now this step is the great initiative towards this goal.

This step will allow persons which do not have a play station to get a chance to experience gaming in play station without a console. Now with the brand new formation of partnership with Samsung play station is now taking a step in realizing its dream to take the gaming to more masses with less productivity that is by bringing gaming experience even to those which do not have a console in hand for them to enjoy this pleasurable gaming experience so play station is surely upping its initiative by taking this bold step.

Play station now continues to grow with more than 150 games for people to experience from and still the list is going on and day by day more games are being added to this list Sony is also considering this option of bringing more games from other platforms into play station now but this project is time consuming but this is also lengthening the history of play station’s brand.

The compatibility is one of the greatest problems of the consoles that they don’t up stand with most of the games as they are compatible with some games of one generation as the new games have different needs and previous and old gen games have different requirements but Sony is now looking to compete with this problem in a different way as they are now taking the initiative of bringing gaming experience to you without any such complications and this is a bold step indeed that is to take gaming on a different level without the consoles.


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