Fingal’s Cave – The Hidden Beauty of Scotland


It is really amazing to imagine that we are in an uninhabited island and during wondering we came across a beautiful naturally well-constructed cave. Of course, everyone who will face this situation could not stay outside the cave. Fingal’s Cave of Scotland is the real picture of such imaginary situation. Yes, the Staffa Island which is situated in Inner Hebrides of Scotland is the exact location of this fantasy piece of art.

Staffa is still one of the few islands of the world which can be still claimed as uninhabited. Under the ownership of National Trust for Scotland, this beautiful island lies under the territory of National Nature Reserve. James Macpherson, who was a famous Scottish historian and poet, was the person behind the name of these caves inspired by the hero of his epic poem.

When we talk about the attractions of Fingal’s Cave, we realize that a huge arched entrance of the cave which remains filled by the sea water is the most catching part of this cave for the tourists. The story of the entrance of cave does not end here, but the inner view of entrance from the cave gives you a portrait view of Lona Island. There are two ways to make a plan for the visit of Fingal’s Cave. The ideal visiting season starts from April and ends up to September.

In the first way of visit, visitors can take a sightseeing cruise to see the beauty of cave from outside. No doubt, it is also marvelous to enjoy the beauty of this cave from outside thanks to its dazzling surroundings as well. However, it does not mean that it is not possible to make a walking plan towards Fingal’s Cave. There is walkway made up of broken columns which is very difficult to cross without paying concentrations upon the feet and the course.

When we enter into the Fingal’s Cave, we found that was not priceless to do struggle for conquering the cave. Here we understand why Fingal’s Cave is also famous as “Melodious Cave”. In fact, the naturally arched roof, large size and the weird sounds formed by the echoes of waves, make the atmosphere of cave just like a natural cathedral. According to “Show Caves of the World” Fingal’s Cave dimensions are 85 m deep and 23 m high. Many famous people including Queen Victoria have visited Fingal’s Cave due to its fantastic beauty.


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