The military of the America does a lot of work in the field of stealing designs and biomimicry from nature for use in the new technology. In Virginia Beach at Joint Expeditionary base the US Navy has been carrying out the test with a device that is called as the Ghost Swimmer.

It just looks like a shark. It has been created as the part of the NEMO project. It is the project of the navy that is working on the creation of the underwater unnamed vehicles. It is inspired from the nature are Boston Engineering. The length of the Ghost Swimmer is about 1.5 meters and the weight of this is almost 45kg.

It is described as a robot that will mimic the shape as well as the swimming tail driven style of swimming that is identical to that of the largest fish. The robotic shark is able to do the work in the depth that ranges from 10 inches to 300 ft. it can be controlled with the help of the laptop by a tether of 152 meter. It can be autonomously operate on its own with the help of a long endurance battery and the on-board sensors.

Image Courtesy US Navy

Image Courtesy US Navy

The robot can give live video feed along with real time data during tethered mode. In autonomous mode, the data is collected and recorded. When it resurfaces the data is transmitted or it has to be collected manually. It uses tail for control and propulsion and thus it looks like a real fish and it is difficult to spot.

The method of propulsion of the robot provides stealth to the movement while at camouflaging the appearance is also quiet beautiful. This will allow it to carry out tasks of intelligence along with the reconnaissance and surveillance missions. Ghost Swimmer can also be used for friendly operations like hull inspection. At Virginia during the test it was used for the data gathering on varied tides, currents, weather condition as well as wakes.

US Navy

It can also be used to check water for threats such as protrusions or mines and for the inspection of the hull of ship. It also delivers the payloads including guidance and sonar packages and access of the areas that are otherwise not possible. The Navy also named it as Robo-tuna because they have resemblance with the blue fin tuna. It is underwater automated drones that have the length of 5 ft and weight is almost 100 pounds.


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