High Roller – World’s Tallest Observation Wheel


High roller is 167.7 meters tall having the diameter of 520 ft. The tallest Ferris wheel is located in the Paradise, Nevada on Las Vegas strips. It construction was started in 2011 and it was opened in the 31st March 2014. It is known as the tallest observation wheel of the world. It is a type of Ferris wheel. It contains 28 cabins for the passengers that are spherical in shape and can hold up to 40 persons.

It is illuminated in the night with the help of multicolored dynamic LEDs. It is 9 ft higher than the Singapore Flyer. The rotation of the wheel is due to the pair of roller bearings that are spherical in shape. The weight of each is 8,800 kg with the outer diameter of 2.30m and inner of 1.60m. It is 0.63m wide. The outer rim contains the 28 sections.

high roller big

The cabins of the passenger are mounted on the rim of the outboard wheel. They are rotated individually with the help of the electric motors to maintain the floor of the cabins horizontal, smoothly during the rotation. The total capacity of the passengers is 1120. At night the LEDs give the awesome view. They can display solid single color, multiple colors that are moving around rim and sections of the different colors as well as the displays of the customs on holidays and special events.

The wheel has 100 ft more height as compared to London eye. You will complete your ride in 30 minutes. In addition to its great tallness it offers the experience of the pre-riding to its passengers on the journey from the ticketing through wheel house till the lounge. You will have the great experience of the views of Las Vegas strips.

The structure of the wheel contains steel of great quantity, almost 7.2 million pounds as well as the 112 cables. The length of the each cable is almost 225 feet. The weight of the each cabin is almost 44,000 pounds including the 300 sq ft of glass. The windows of the cabins are fabricated and doubly curved with the help of four sheets made up of laminated glass. Music and the dynamic videos are the great features of the cabins. The higher roller almost travel the one foot in one second. And you will see the impressive areas of the valley of Las Vegas. It offers different packages of tickets and prices. In the summer season there are two water parks for the families.


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