Horns Rev – The Biggest Wind Farm


In eastern side of the North Sea, the shallow area having deposits of glacial and sea is known as Horns Rev. it is also called as horns reef. The wind farm of it is one of the biggest farms. It contains almost 80 turbines of west shore. They used 80 voltage and 2MW. The height of the turbine is almost 70m and has 80m diameter.

The weight of turbines ranges from 439 and 489t. It has the capacity of about 209MW. The production of power by this wind farm can fulfill the requirement of households of almost 200, 000. This wind farm is situated in North Sea 300km away from the coast of the west Jutland. The construction of this farm was started in May 2008.

This wind farm has great contribution in the reduction of the emission of CO2. In the past this capacity was developed on the land but then it becomes difficult to meet the require permits of the sites of turbine so the alternative is constructed. The turbines are located far away from the shore that they are not visible. The strength of the winds of North Sea is really high that they can generate 150% more power or electricity than the turbines based n the lands.

It is the first site that generates electricity without any pollution. Development in the turbines of the wind farm is really fast. On the site of the DEA you can see the information about the power, positioning, height and production of the wind turbine. The DEA with the collaboration of the network companies and Energinet.dk set the system of registry of all the offshore and onshore turbines in the whole country. The updating of the registry is done on the monthly basis.

Eltra and Elsam gave the order for the building of the Horns Rev. this wind farm is the 2nd wind that is inaugurated by Dong energy in 2nd September 2009. It is the independent system of the transmission that is operated in the Jutland. Elsam was owner and responsible for operating of wind farm. Eltra was concern to connect the wind farm with the onshore national grid. It was installed in 2002. It is owned by Dong Energy (40%) and Vattenfall (60%) these days. The wind farm can produce electricity that can be used by the 150, 00 private houses or almost 2% of total consumption of electricity of the Denmark.


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