Hvitserkur – The Wonderful Place for Nature Lovers


Have you ever seen a monster in the sea? If not, then Iceland must be your next destination where a dragon, drinking water from the sea is waiting for you. Yes, “Hvitserkur” could be your dream visiting place which is full of all the ingredients considered necessary to fascinate the nature lovers. Hvitserkur is a 50 feet (15 meters) tall rock situated at Vatnsnes Peninsula in Northern Iceland and rising like a monster from the sea.

The most attractive thing about “Hvitserkur” is its unique shape which looks like a dragon, drinking water from the sea. People, regardless of age limit, reach here to enjoy the beauty of this marvelous gift of nature. The meaning of “Hvitserkur” is “white shirt” and the reason behind the unique name of this beautiful rock is plenty of bird droppings which cover up the tip of rock whole the year and ultimately the tip remain white.

The geographic origin of “Hvitserkur” is metamorphosis of a volcanic neck which ultimately turned out into a monstrous igneous rock. Sea erosion is responsible for sculpting it into the weird shape of a solidified monster. By observing the increasing trend of nature lovers from all over the globe to visit the “Hvitserkur”, Government of Iceland took an initiative in the year 1990 to make it more popular by launching an official stamp in the name of this gorgeous natural property of the country. The value of the stamp is 25 crowns. After that, the foundation of the rock was made strengthen by concretizing it to assure its firmness.

The other interesting things about Hvitserkur rock are its Flora and Fauna. Hvitserkur is dwelling of many bird species particularly shag and seals as well. Signoarstaoir Lake towards south of Hvitserkur rock is the real heaven place for seals where these wild species are residing safely since a long time ago and therefore, it is claimed as the biggest seal colony among entire Iceland. Another beautiful creature and source of magnetism of Hvitserkur rock is the jelly-fish in wide range of colors at lake side.

Now it is better to talk about the best visiting season and possible approaching ways to Hvitserkur rock. In fact, the name of exact destination to reach to Hvitserkur rock is Hunafjorour. The visitors can reach here either from gravel road of Hvammstangi town or through road # 711. It is wise to avoid road # 711 in raining and snowy season due to chances of slippage. The real thing is that, rainy and snowy season should be completely avoided to go to Hvitserkur rock and preference should be given to summer season to see this magnificent natural artifact.


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