International Space Station – Biggest Artificial Structure in The Orbit


In the orbit of low earth the habitable space station or the artificial satellite is known as the international space station. It is the structure of modular. The first component of it was introduced in the 1998. You can see it from the earth with normal human eye. It consists of the solar arrays, external trusses and the pressurized modules as well as some other constituents.

It is one of the biggest artificial structures in the orbit. It serves as the space environment and the microgravity research centre. The experiments are performed for the astronomy, biology, meteorology, physics and some more fields as well. It is useful for testing of systems of spacecraft and tools and equipments that are required for the missions of mars and mood. It also plays some role in the education, diplomatic and the commercial purposes.

It is the best platform for the scientific researches. It also helpful in the field of astrobiology and human research that include the space weather, physical sciences, life sciences and the materials science. At altitude the gravity of the earth is weaker than the ISS at surface. In the orbit the objects are in the freefall state. This will cause the disturbance in the weightlessness by different effects. These effects include: the dragging of the atmospheric residues, vibration of the mechanical system and crew from the movement. For the orbital and attitude changes the firings of thruster. Tidal effects, also called as gravity gradient effects.

It can improve the knowledge of the production of energy and gives the environmental and economical benefits. The crew of ISS has to wake up at 6am and that is followed by the inspection of station. The workers have to do work for the 10 hours per day and only 5 hours on the Saturday. The food that is provided is sealed in the plastic, air tight bags. The great efforts are taken for the portability of the food.

The food used by them has more species than the normal that is used on the earth. Drinks that are given are in the form of powder that is dehydrated. And they are then mix with the water before use. Soups and drinks are sipped with the help of straws from the bags while solid food with the fork and knife.

Soaps are dispensed in the containers that are tube like and they use wet wipes and the water jet to compensate the problem of the showers. Thus the problem of the hygiene is reduced.


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