You may know iRobot as the robotic vacuum cleaner but they can do other work as well. The company produced the robotic servants of all types including autonomous floor scrubbers, pool cleaners and gutter cleaners. Scooba 450 is one of the best example in this regard it scrubs your spill.

The setup and installation of this robot is easy. You just have to careful about the batteries. You just have to fill the soap and water compartment and punch the couple button. It is a bit beefier and larger than that of ordinary Roomba. But overall design is almost same. It has low profile, round and minimalist. It sports a different brush roll on the undercarriage and it is the best for scrubbing the flat floor surfaces such as hardwood, concrete, laminate and tile.

It is outfitted with two compartment reservoir one for dirty waste water and the other for cleaning solution and water. It sucks up dirty stuff and lay down clean water. It eliminates the sweeping beforehand. It contains only three functions and with the help of them you can control all functions: one is at the centre that is used for activation, on the right side the smaller button is used to play voice instructions and the third one is used to bot between two room-size settings.

The bot can be set either for 20 or 40 minute cycles and will clean the floor in that time and it will not depend on the size of the room. Thus for the larger room it might missed some areas while in the smaller room it might make multiple cleaning over the same area. When the cycle starts the very first move of bot is to create a small, expanding-outwardly spiral. After that it creates spiral of different sizes then switches gears and start its working in a pseudo-random fashion.

It also makes some slight correction to its path as well. The main advantages of this robot are that the operating system of this is simple and only requires small amount of efforts before it begins and it cleans the floor thoroughly. But it lacks mode of spot cleaning. It is not autonomous entirely. It has no connectivity with smart phones. Thus it is the best replacement of the vacuum cleaner, bucket and mop. If you use it regularly it will eliminate completely the need for you to clean the floor. Thus it will save your time as well as your energy.


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