Kizomba Dance is most amazing Sensual Dance Of The World

Kizomba dance is viral in the world because of its unique style, slow music and very sensual pattern. It is actually mixer of different regions and cultures from all over the world. It uses different rhythms from all over the including USA, Russia and Paris.

That most amazing dance uses slow slow steps of tango and zouk semba. Like Badinga twerk its main focus is on back side instead of front side of dancer. Everybody how see that dance first time normally addicted to see it again and again because of its unique style.

The meaning of Kizomba is “party” that’s why it is used in many top class parties in the world. Normally a group of girls or even girls and boys performs that dance together. It was hit from a flashmob in Maxico and then spread all over the world and each region is performing it in the same style.

In Paris different groups performs that dance together in pairs of two or more people. Almost one year ago twerk Badinga was famous because of its fast style and now lets see if Kizomba cross the same level of appreciation due to its slow style.


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