Large Hadron Collider – Biggest Particle Collider of The World


The European organization for nuclear research is abbreviated as CERN. They gave the most powerful and the largest particle collider of the world. It is called as large Hadron collider or LHC. The word Hadron refers to the composite particles. These are composed of the quarks. Quarks are attached with each other or are held together with the help of strong force. Collider is the kind of particle accelerator which has two beams of directed particles. It helps in the exploring of many issues like string theory.

The collider is taken in the tunnel that is circular in shape. The range of depth is from 164 ft to 574 ft and has almost 27 km circumference. The tunnel has two beam lines that are parallel and adjacent to each other. They intersect with each other at four different points. Each contains the beam of protons and move in the opposite directions. Dipole magnets help the beams to remain in the circular path. These magnets are 1,232 in numbers.

Quadruple magnets are used for the focusing of the beam. These are 392 in numbers. They are used to maximize the interaction of the particles at the point of intersection. Particles are passes through the system of the different series to increase the energy and then they are introduced in the accelerator. The principle is based on the collision of proton-proton. There are seven detectors that are constructed for the LHC. They are present underground. The two general and large detectors are ATLAS experiment and compact Muon solenoid. LHCB and the large ion collider experiment are more specified. The LHCF, TOTEM and MOEDAL are very small and used for the specific research only.

ATLAS is one of the general purpose detectors. It is used to study the origin of extra dimensions and masses. CMS is the other general purpose detector that is used to study the clues of nature for the dark matter. ALICE is use to study the matter in fluid form that is known as the quark-gluon plasma. It is present for the very short time after Bing Bang. LHCB is used for the investigation of the missing antimatter after the Bing Bang.

It has the facilities for the analysis and computing. The LHC computing Grid is the project of the collaboration of many countries. It consists of the infrastructure of computer networking that connects the 140 centers of computing of 35 countries. Its design was proposed by the CERN. It can control the sufficient volume of data produced by the experiments of the LHC.


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