Montana Magica Lodge – A Unique Structure with Whimsical Look


The idea of tree hotels is certainly not new for the lovers of unique structures, but the whimsical look, the eye catching architecture and availability of every modern comfort make the Montana Magica Lodge, one of most unique hotels in South America. Montana Magica Lodge is situated in Huilo-Hulio, Chile. It is shaped just like a volcano and the water flows out from this gigantic structure in the same way as the magma flows out from volcano which gives it a fairy tale like look. Besides the miraculous view of Magic Mountain Hotel, the next attraction of this site is the long list of services which you might typically find at hotels in Chile.

The hotel is constructed in natural style with stone and wood just in resemblance to a mountain. All the walls, windows, stairs and doors of Montana Magica Lodge are made up of locally available wood of countryside and engraved with magnificent designs. It is the miracle of such weird style of windows that the rooms of hotel stay warm in cold weather. Moreover, the beautiful view of forest life can be easily watched through these windows. Every room is not have the facility of attach bath, but equipped with all modern facilities.

In addition, each room is recognized with the name of local bird species. In short, all of these magical mountain and forest characteristics make this hotel, a loving place for the tourists. There was a time, when other attractions of Chile fascinate the tourists to come here and contribute in the economy of country. Today, there is no other attraction in Chile which could compete with Montana Magica Lodge in terms of revenue generation for the country.

Montana Magica lodge

The structural design and furnishing of the Montana Magica Lodge is the proof of intellectual ability of architectures and interior designers who altogether make it wonderland of shapes and forms. The location of the world’s striking spot “Montana Magica-Huilo Chile” is the north east of the Mocho-Choshuenco volcano in the region of Los Rios. The flight facility to approach Pichol International Airport is also available that is the nearest destination to Montana Magica Lodge. When we reach the airport, it means we are just two and a half hour away from the Montana Magica via road. Here we can hire a cab to reach to this magical destination for making some days of our life just very special.


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