Mother amazed everyone as she gave a Hug to the killer of her Daughter


It was an extra ordinary event when Ady Guzman-DeJesus gave a hug to Jordyn Howe in the court because Jordyn was a killer of Ady’s daughter. This incident of killing was happened two years ago and there was a hearing in the court about this murder incident when the event of hug was fired.

The murder incident happened when Jordyn picked the gun of his stepfather and took it to the school. While playing with his friends, he fired accidentally and the target was the daughter of Ady.

It is very difficult for any parent to provide such an opportunity to the killer of your child that can inspire everyone present in the court or even those who got knowledge about it. Ady found an opportunity in the incident and requested court to give the killer a lower prison sentence. She also accepted and agreed that after one year prison, she will take Jordyn to Florida and try to inform him about the consequences of carrying weapon with you. She will also tell him some of the horrific stories which only happened due to carrying a weapon without any reason.

Although the first reaction of Ady was obvious after the incident and she did the same. Her request was to arrest the murderer and give him the punishment which has been mentioned in the law. But during proceedings of the court, she realized that she can do even better with the murderer to guide him towards better life which he deserves as he did not do it intentionally.

If the actual punishment was given to Jordyn, he would have to spend his whole life in the prison but due to the favor of Ady Guzman-DeJesus, he will have to spend only a year in a prison and after that, he will take the guiding tips from the mother of the assassin.

But the most beautiful event of the whole story was the hug which Ady gave Jordyn. This event proved that the forgiveness is the most beautiful aspect of the human life and differentiate human from all other living creatures of the earth.


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