Oasis Of The Seas – Largest Cruise Ship In The World


Oasis of the seas is the oasis-class cruise ship. Its owner and operator is Royal Caribbean international. Nassau and Bahamas are its port of registry. Caribbean is its route. It was ordered in February 2006, laid down on 12th November 2007 and was completed on 28 October 2009. At that time it was the largest ship in the whole world.

It is 50 millimeter long. It has 21 swimming pools. It has its own new version of the central park of the New York. It has rooms for more than 5400 passengers. It is the most massive cruise ship that is ever built. It has the additional power that is applied with the help of solar panels. These panels are fixed by the BAM energy group. They give the energy for the lighting of the central parks and the promenade areas.

It contains 18 lifeboats; each boat can carry 370 people and the total 6660 people. Life rafts that are inflatable are provided for the additional crew and the passengers. It gives the passengers great facilities. It has loft suits of two-story and the luxury suites have the area of 1600 sq ft. It has balconies from where you can view the promenades and the sea.

Oasis Pool Deck

The features of the ship also include the casino, zip-line, multiple night clubs, a miniature golf course, several lounges and the bars, comedy club, basketball and volleyball courts, a karaoke club, nurseries for the children, theme parks and the five swimming pools. The interior of the ship was decorated by Clarissa Parish, the muralist.

Entertainment activities, athletic and the onboard recreational are organized in the neighborhoods. It is the area of seven themes. It has resemblance with the planning of the theme park. It also contains central park facilities, bars, boutiques and restaurants. It also has access of rising tide bar that can be lowered and raised between the three decks. It has the living park for the first time in the history. It contains 56 trees and 12,000 plants.

It has great features of the sports and the pool zones. It also has the gym area. The fitness room has the 158 resistance and cardio machines and classes as well as the range of the spa services. It has the zone of youth that contains computing gaming and the science lab. It also has the entertainment place. It has the record of holding more than 6,000 passengers. For the royal promenade special shops and restaurants are made.


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