Panama Canal – The Miracle of Modern Engineering


In panama the ship canal connects Pacific Ocean with Atlantic Ocean it is known as Panama Canal. It is about 77.1 km long. It is helpful in the trade of maritime. It is about 85 ft above form the sea level. For the reduction of the work of excavation artificial lake is produced. It also contains the locks in three sets and artificial channels. Atlantic Ocean is the east for isthmus and Pacific Ocean is of the west. The direction of the passage of canal is from the northwest towards the southwest. At the point of the location of canal isthmus has anomaly shape. For the communications of the nautical northbound and the southbound directions are usually used.

It has artificial Gatun Lake. It is the essential and the important part of the Panama Canal. It forms the passage of the water between the pacific and Atlantic ocean. It allows the transit of the ships in the both directions. It is the largest Lake in the world that is made by the human being. In the surrounding area rainforest is present. It helps the Canal in the defense. In this area the native species of the animals and the plants can be seen in the natural habitat. Much important biological and scientific discoveries are originated from this area. Ecotourism is the important and beneficial industry on this region.

It also gives the many gallons of the water for the ships that are passing through the Canal. The lock size determines the size of ship that can pass. Because Canal is important for the trade ships are constructed in size that they can be pass through easily. Panama Canal authority sets the tolls for canal. These are based on the type and size of the vessel as well as the type of the cargo. Due to this canal the volume of the imports is increased from the Asia. The Panama Canal authority almost invests 1 billion dollars for the modernizing and the widening of canal. The aim of which is to increase the capacity up to 20%.

It is the efficient way of the global shipping. The canal is surrounding with the dense jungle. This jungle is visible from the satellite as the green. The entrance of the pacific side is also eye catching. The over all of view of the Canal is really awesome. It is of the great importance because of the faster, safer and shorter route for the west Coast of U.S. it is also good passage for the other places around the Pacific Ocean thus it is helpful for the economy of world.


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