Sea Pen – An Interesting but Amazing Marine Creature

Before starting description of this amazing marine creature, we unveil the reason behind the name of “Sea Pen”. It simply means that shape of Sea Pen is just like a feather or quill pen which was being used in ancient times. However, it does not mean that all the Sea Pens look like feather pen. There is just one type of Sea Pen which resembles the old quill pen, all other types of Sea Pen have different shapes and various colors.

Collectively, we can call all other types of Sea Pens as “Sea Clubs” owing to their Club like structure. Let’s see some shocking but really interesting facts about this gorgeous and very good-looking creature. The first appalling reality about Sea Pen is that, it is not exactly an animal as it is not capable of moving itself from place to another. In real sense, Sea pen is a sessile animal which lies in the class “Octocoral” and fall under the category of “Coral and Sea Anemones”.

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Being the part of “Octocoral” class, it is understood that Sea Pen consists of lots of sac-like structures called “Polyps”. A Polyp is itself an animal and contains eight tentacles which help them in catching food and this property of Polyp enter it into the “Octocoral Cub”. As the body of a Sea pen is made up of multiple Polyps, so it is not strange to call them marine animal. With respect to size, Sea Pens are of various types, but the largest recorded Sea Pen was more than 5 ft high.

No doubt, the awesome look of Sea Pens is due to multiple polyps, but the purpose of presence of polyps is much more than this. These polyps are the source of life for Sea Pens in real sense as they arrange food for these marine creatures. In addition, these sac-like structures which cover the Sea Pen frequently become stiff and drop all of their tentacles. These firm structures called polyps are responsible for all the requirements of life such as food intake, water intake and also reproductive structures.

Among highly interesting facts about Sea Pen one is that, these are anchored into the ground and it is doable for these animals to drag the anchor and move to a new blemish. Normally, they fix their position themselves at the point with a pleasant current that can fetch them all types of plankton, which is their favorite food.


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