Singapore Flyer – 2nd Largest Ferris Wheel


In the Singapore the giant Ferris wheel is known as Singapore Flyer. Its operators also describe it as the observation wheel. It was opened in early 2008. Its construction was completed in almost 2.5 years. It was opened for the public officially on 15th April. It contains 28 capsules that are air-conditioned. Each capsule can hold twenty eight passengers. It incorporates the terminal building of the three-story.

The overall height of the Flyer is 165 meters. It is the 2nd largest Ferris wheel of the world after the High roller. It almost covers the 172,000 sq ft area. It is located along Marina Promenade. It completes its trip in about 32 minutes with the constant normal rotation. The mounted capsules are outboard from the rim of the structural wheel. The floor area of the each capsule is almost 280 sq ft. it can hold 5 wheelchairs along with 15 other visitors, if you have advance booking then for the disabled persons.

The wheel will rotate in the clockwise direction. Lifts, wheelchairs, handicapped toilets and the dedicated parking lots are reserved for the disable persons. During the riding you will have an amazing view of the surrounding islands. You will also have the glimpse of the neighbor countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. It has the Singapore Food Trail that is the food street having the 1960s theme.

Thus you will not face any problem and have variety for the selection of food. For the wine aficionados and the cocktails it is the hotspot. The terminal building contains the Flyer lounge. It is a kind of cozy bar. It is the preferred choice for the venue for the annual competitions of the cocktails. The maintenance of the lounge is the responsibility of the Association of Bartenders and sommeliers Singapore that is abbreviated as ABSS. The terminal also contains the stage for the different events and the weekly performance.

You will have the scenic, safe and absolutely comfortable ride. You will not feel any vibration or the lateral movement during the riding. You can also see the little India and ethnic enclaves from capsules. It opens daily. The timing of its opening is from 8:30am to the 10:30 pm. The varieties of the packages and the prices are available. You can check them and can get detail from the official website. It has the walking distance from the Esplanade and Suntec city. It is situated on the Marina Bay, 30 Raffles Avenue. If you can, then you must visit it once in your life. You will be in the great world of the fun and entertainment.


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