Smart Girl stole Plasma in front of CCTV in Washington, DC


Americans are very sharp and smart people who can do any type of activities. They have only one condition for any kind of task and that condition is to allow them to perform the task according to their own will. Due to this reason, Americans thieves are also very intelligent. They have the ability to go anywhere and perform the task of stealing at any place.

A very recent CCTV footage that is probably from Washington, DC tells us how an USA woman stole a Plasma TV from the store and no one even got noticed of such a huge activity inside a store. The owner leaked the video himself to teach a lesson to his colleagues and friends.

She entered into the shop in Washington, DC with a girl to make the situation comfortable for all the people around. After examining the situation in detail, she took the decision to steal Plasma TV. After a complete examination, she picked up the plasma and hid it into her clothes. This activity was awesome and no one took notice of it except the CCTV camera that captured the detailed video footage of this whole event.

Although the woman took the Plasma but CCTV camera recorded all the steps. The owner took the decision to distribute this video among his friends and famous bloggers and now this video get viral.

Although the video got the popularity on internet but police could not find out the woman who stole the plasma from that particular shop.



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