The Door To Hell – Darvaza Gas Crater

Darvaza Gas Crater

It is obvious from the name of this highly astonishing travelling site that this is not a pleasant site to visit. However, millions of people all over the globe came here to see this strange miracle. Here we have used the word miracle which means it is not a natural happening, but there is the contribution of human being in making it peculiar for the whole world.

The name “Darvaza Gas Crater” has been taken from the name of village in Turkmenistan which is filled of natural gas deposits. Actually, Darvaza Gas Crater is a natural gas fire burning in a huge radius of 60 meter wide and 20 meters depth. There are lots of stories about the beginning of this notable natural gas fire. However, the most authenticated one is as follows;

Darvaza Gas Crater was explored by a team of Soviet engineers who were in the search of natural gas deposits and oil fields. During their search, they became pleased by finding a big natural gas deposit. Now according to theory of that time “where there is natural gas, there must be oil field beneath it” they started digging the earth deeper. Suddenly, a wide crater appears after a big collapse by rigging the earth. This hole was not ordinary, but it opened the escape route for natural gas and situation became very tense. It was not only dangerous for the people of Darvaza village, but hazardous for the environment as well.

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The team of engineers became worried about the consequences of this dangerous gas exploration. Finally they found a solution in the form of burning the natural gas deposit. At that time, they had opinion that it will take a few days to burn out all the gas, as all other methods of extracting natural gas were costly and laborious at that time. So, they ignited that natural gas deposit. However, after passing more than more decades, the gas fire is still burning and there seem no chances of lowering the intensity of that gas fire.

Before July 16, 2014, a little majority of visitors were aware about this stunning site. However, after the broadcast of a very special episode of National Geographic Channel named “Crater of Fire”, many people became astonished to see such a dangerous visiting place which can be truly claimed as “The Door To Hell”. No other scene resembles such dodgy atmosphere when crater’s flames make the sky red during night.


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