Turacos – A Beautiful Bird with Marvelous Features


Nature has blessed the mankind with lots of beauty not only in terms of beautiful scenes, but with plenty of gorgeous birds and animals. Today, we are going to explore such a unique hidden beauty among birds family which is named as Turacos. Turacos are different from all other species of birds thanks to their weird shape and inspiring beauty. Let’s unfold all the interesting hidden about this special bird.

Turacos belong to Aves class and family Musophagidae. The simple differentiation of Musophagidae family from other bird families is that, all of the bird lies in this family are banana-eaters. The further sub-division of this family is go-away-birds and plantain-eaters. In the native country of Turacos i.e., South Africa, these birds are also famous with the name “Louries”. The key distinction of Turacos from other families of birds is that, nature has blessed them bright red and green feathers with incorporated with unique pigments.

Moreover, their long tail and prominent crest also make them illustrious. In sub-Saharan Africa, Musophagidae not just live in forests, but they can be seen easily at Savannas and Woodlands. As compared to flying power, the running capacity of Turacos is very high. Unlike other birds, they do not prefer to eat insects, but love to eat fruits and sometimes flowers and leaves. Another specialty of Musophagidae is that, they do not leave their country like most of the bird species and therefore, also categorized as gregarious.


In Africa, Turacos are considered as alarming birds thanks to their loud alarming calls in the presence of danger. There are nineteen species of Turacos and g-away specie is most famous among all others. There is story behind such a unique name of this specie. The loud alarming voice of this bird is just like the call “Go-Away”. Moreover, bright colors of feathers are pigment like due to making the water colorful in which they kept for some time. Of course, it is very strange but interesting fact about Turacos.

Due to lots of specialties and marvelous beauty, Turacos are claimed as Royal birds in Africa. The Zulu and Swazi Royal families of Africa use the bright feathers of Turacos in their dresses as status symbol. It is still confusing for the scientists to determine the exact average age of Turacos due to lots of factors. However, a closest and least contradiction idea is 37 years average age. There are lots of bird lovers who came to Africa especially to see the beauty of Turcaos.


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