Yuanyang Terrace Field – World’s 45th Heritage Site


Yuanyang Terrace Field also known as Yuanyang Rice Terraces is located in Yuanyang which is the part of southeastern Yunnan province, China. These superb and large-scale fields go along the Red River and these are globally famous for spectacular rice-paddy terracing. Yuanyang Rice Terraces are truly claimed as 45th World Heritage Site in China.

The weird style and highly eye-catching beauty of Yuanyang Rice Terraces depicts the intelligence of Hani People who lives here since 2500 years ago. This artistic approach of Hani people made them famous not only in China but across the entire world. People from all over the world comes here to see this old but unique technology of rice growing and could not stay without apprising this beautiful art. The proof of exclusivity of Yuanyang Rice Terraces is that UNESCO has officially included it among World Cultural and Natural Heritage sites.

Yuanyang Terrace Field

Hani terraced fields have been expanded into many towns along the Red River, for example Yuanyang, Lüchun and Jinping. These terraces in Yuanyang County cover an area of more than 28,005.3 acres. A very appealing thing this about this county is its mountainous look and the rice terraces which are constructed on the hillsides and form the slope varying from 15 degrees to 75 degrees. These terraces form a landscape which rises by 3,000 steps and make a rarely seen view both at home and out of the country. There are three major attractive areas of Yuanyang Terrace Field which are named as Bada scenic area, Duoyishu scenic area and Laohuzui scenic area.

Bada scenic area, also known as the land of best of the sunset scenery, is the biggest attraction of Yuanyang Terrace Field in terms of acreage. The terraces of Bada scenic area include Quanfuzhuang, Qingkou, Zhulu and Malizhai which covers the land more than 2306.3 acres. The continually changing colors of sunset at Bada terraces are really astonishing and take the visitors in a magical kingdom. The fame of Duoyishu scenic area of Yuanyang Terrace Field is due to beautiful place in terms of sunrise scenes.

The remarkable terraces in Duoyishu scenic area include Aichun, Duoyishu and Dawazhe which covers the 1647.4 acres in total. Laohuzui which is known as the Tiger Mouth area is the third vivid hierarchy of Yuanyang Terrace Field. The colorful pattern of Laohuzui looks just like a beautiful painting by an artist. The most remarkable attraction of this area is its lowest section which resembles a galloping horse.


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