Zackees signal cycling gloves give you style and safety. From the name it indicates that these are the gloves for cycling having built-in turn signal and amber flashing arrow on the back of the each hand. Two metal contacts between forefinger and thumb firing up the arrows: hold them together and lift your arm up thus your hands become LED blazing beacon for driving. It contains nine ultra-bright LED.

And with the position of the arrows you can leave your hands on handlebars to forward the signals to the driver that is in front of you and can tell him that you are turning. Thus it is the best option on the roads that have four ways. The hyperactivity might be little harder to adjust. Well stitched and top-notch materials of these gloves provide appreciable construction for the project of Kickstarter. On the back of the hand there is circuit board of LED under the layer of plastic. You will have little access inside slit to change the batteries of the button cells. The padded palms can do a great job of the vibrations of the blocking road. The design of the gloves are on the half fingers thus it make them a little bit tricky to take on and take off.


Holding out the right hand felt awkward initially to the cyclist who has to raise the signals with left hand but it is technically correct as well as it is legal. The adjustment of hyperactive triggers might be difficult. But in the winter they will not provide you enough warmth for the driving. The only one drawback of these gloves is that you will look like you are belonging to Tron. These gloves are made up of leather, spandex and towel.

In the manufacturing of these gloves material of high quality is used and thus you can’t miss the blazing LED arrows. These are available are different sizes like: extra-large, large, medium, small and extra-small. These gloves are supported by the batteries of 3 volt lithium cells or 3 volt lithium ion cells and the size of the battery is 2032. The diameter of the battery is 20mm while thickness is 3.2 mm. LEDs are the major source of light. You can wash these gloves without any fear of damage. You can use them daily for 3 to 6 months. On the thumb there is a terry cloth to wipe brow while pumping hard.


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